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Wij weten als geen ander hoe belangrijk het is dat een klant een paard vindt dat bij hem past. Omdat wij de paarden vaak al vanaf veulen af aan hebben, zelf zadelmak gemaakt en verder gereden hebben, kennen we de paarden door en door. Op die manier kunnen we uitstekend advies geven en weet de klant wat hij koopt. Het overzicht op de website is slechts een klein gedeelte van de paarden die we u doorlopend kunnen aanbieden. Indien u op zoek bent naar iets specifieks, een onbeleerd paard of meer informatie kunt u vrijblijvend contact opnemen.


We know better than anyone how important it is that a client finds a horse that suits them. As we have very often had our horses as young foals and have backed them and trained them for riding ourselves we really know them thoroughly. There fore we are in the position to give excellent advice and our clients can be sure of what they are buying. The horses on our website are but a small selection of the horses continuously on offer. If you are looking for something particular or a young horse or you would like more information, please feel free to contact us

Arnold Wemmenhove


Paarden van de maand - Horses of the month, GREAT DEAL!

ARON - 2008

Stallion, 160 cm


Beautifull Friesian stallion with extreme movements. Eyecather with long neck and tons off mane. Potentional SPORTHORSE for dressage, driving or SADDLESEAT.
Future champion. Top pedigree.


PRICE: 4750.=


For more info e-mail: info@dutchhorsetrading.nl  or call +31 (0)621588068


COR - 2008

Stallion, 162 cm


This is what everybody looking for. TOP DRESSAGE potentional. See him move, easy, elastic, smooth and with the presents. He will follow his fathers footsteps >>GRAND PRIX dressage.

His father is Tietse 428. His mother is a starmare by FABE.

Clean X rays for sport


For more info e-mail: info@dutchhorsetrading.nl  or call +31 (0)621588068


INNEKE van de BADWEI - 2003

Mare - 161 cm


Beautifull Friesian mare with long mane and the Friesian looks. Inneke is two times SPORT mare by the FPS studbook. With 2 different YOUNG (kids) riders, she made it to Z dressage. She always recieve her point and win prices. A perfect SCHOOLING horse for a young rider with potentional. Perfect for kids who make the step from pony to horse. She is always workwilling and wants to win. 

Besides her sport chareer she also get every years a foal. She is in foal with her fifth foal. 


This video is made december 12 - Z level dressage with the 14 yrs girl "Lia".


In foal with COLORANCE (so a pinto Barockpinto baby next year) 


For more info e-mail: info@dutchhorsetrading.nl  or call +31 (0)621588068




email: info@dutchhorsetrading.nl